Lake Wörth

Lake Wörthersee

Lake Wörthersee is a mystic place and there is a legend entwining around the origin of the Austrian jewel.

At that time, where the lake is today, there is said to have been a rich town, whose inhabitants were so depraved that one night they were punished with a flood, which left behind today's Wörthersee.

One would almost like to be grateful to them. Because of its special climatic location, Lake Wörthersee is one of the warmest alpine lakes in the world, with temperatures of up to 25 degrees Celsius in summer. Its shape is characterised by exciting peninsula and island formations, the algae composition gives it the most beautiful colours from deep blue to turquoise. Therefore it is not surprising that the legend continued even after the myth of its origin. Unlike then, however, it is not avengers who are responsible today, but artists and actors. Gustav Mahler wrote more than half of his symphonies here, followed by the composers Alban Berg and Johannes Brahms, who were inspired by the lake panorama, to Uschi Glas and Roy Black, the most famous faces of the TV series "Ein Schloss am Wörthersee". Even today, the town enjoys cult status with celebrities and prosperity: a high density of gourmet restaurants and well-known events such as the Fête Blanche, Pink Lake or Starnacht attract the jet set from all over the world every year. Walks on the wooded hills, boat trips, water sports and golf on beautiful courses keep visitors and residents on their toes.

Here, those interested in real estate are spoilt for choice: What is more beautiful, a luxury apartment in a new building on the shore or a villa in Wörthersee architecture on an elevated location with a view of the water? In the big city of Klagenfurt, in the climatic health resort of Pörtschach or in the noble holiday resort of Velden? The land prices around the lake are high, but still vary greatly: the closer to the water or the larger the including shore area, the higher. The properties are exclusive one way or the other - paradisiacal to live in as well as more than sensible as a financial investment.