Vienna is the epitome of cosiness and enjoyment, world-famous as an art and culture hotspot, inimitably diverse in terms of architecture.

For many years, Austria's capital has led the Mercer city ranking for quality of life. The 1.9 million inhabitants are proud of their city. The old town and Schönbrunn Palace have been recognised by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage Sites - hardly anyone who is unfamiliar with this magnificent building, the history of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, the globally successful Sissi trilogy was filmed here.

An almost equally famous view of the city is the Giant Ferris Wheel in the Prater, the huge leisure area, which offers much more than an amusement park: namely extensive green spaces and countless sports facilities, such as football, baseball, tennis, golf, horse riding, swimming, bowling and skateboarding. In winter you can go cross-country skiing and ice-skating.

The city's architecture is no less diverse: the tower of St Stephen's Cathedral, whose construction began in the 12th century or the tower of St. Stephen's Cathedral, whose construction began in the 12th century and looks across the Danube to the 2014 opened DC Towers by star architect Dominique Perrault. Next to them are baroque magnificent buildings, colourful Art Nouveau buildings and the Hundertwasserhaus. You can't get enough looking at them.

Vienna was also the place of longing of several famous composers. Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert and Strauss left their marks in Vienna. Monuments throughout the city testify this. Year after year, the Opera Ball at the Vienna State Opera reminds us that here we are in the homeland of the waltz.

And what pleasure for foodies! Offering Sachertorte, Wiener Schnitzel, delicacies at the Naschmarkt, a mélange in the Café Central coffee house, a fine wine from Europe's only wine production in the capital - if you don't gain weight here, you haven't really experienced Vienna. From one culinary highlight to the next you stroll through the best shopping streets: the "Goldene U", for example, which includes Graben, Kärntner Strasse and Kohlmarkt.

Where to live in this city of senses? The 1st district, with its historical buildings and sights, is the most sought-after residential area. With the opening of the "Golden Quarter" at the end of 2012, an additional 11,500 square metres of luxury space came onto the market here. New buildings have also been built in the 2nd and 3rd districts and are already in great demand. The Museums-Quartier in the 7th district is also popular. Villas and detached houses in the outer districts are a good alternative to apartments in the city centre.