From the dream... to living the dream on the island

Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands and a tenth the size of Switzerland, sits 170 km from the Spanish mainland. Visitors are drawn to the island by its wild landscapes, pristine beaches and the exciting capital city; pampered travellers indulge themselves in the colourful gastro scene and variety of cultural attractions.

860,000 people live on Majorca. Almost half live in Palma, and 17 per cent are foreigners. Majorca’s sun-kissed inhabitants are a veritable melting pot of cultures, a blend of openness, tolerant world views, and very different ways of life and religions, all living here harmoniously.

The Mediterranean climate is almost tropical in the summer and pleasantly mild during the winter months. It becomes wild and untamed when the cold tramuntana blows in from the north in the winter, and the hot scirocco blows in from the south in spring.

The rocky coast is bordered by bays, caves, and beaches that are reminiscent of the Caribbean with their white sand and turquoise waters. The interior opens up to lush pine forests, olive and almond trees, agricultural areas and vineyards. National parks abound with local plant species, including wild orchids and the national flower: the flower of the almond tree.

Majorca is home to the highest number of luxurious properties to be found in any one place in Europe. Palma, the natural protected areas, the marinas, and the golf courses attract high numbers of people to this captivating island, in search of a second property and fulfilling their dream of living here. Majorca’s excellent road networks, coupled with daily flights connecting the island to nearly every European capital add further to its appeal.