Buying real estate

Fulfil the dream of your own holiday home

A house nestled under the palm trees or an ocean-view apartment: owning a property in your favourite location is a longing shared by many. Our professional expertise will ensure that you are in safe hands when you buy your property abroad.

The better the idea you have of your dream holiday home, the higher the likelihood of us finding it for you: an apartment or a house; in the city centre or surrounded by unspoilt nature; with garden, swimming pool, or garage? 

Equally important is the need to define a financial framework that not only includes the purchase price but also the costs for viewing trips; attorney, notary, and broker fees; fees for register entries and public certification; as well as real estate transfer taxes. Even if you have prepared carefully, we recommend that you seek professional help for your search and purchase – not only because the execution of a real estate purchase abroad is very different to in Switzerland, but also because sellers may try to take advantage of foreign buyers. Our carefully chosen partners are local professionals who know the market, local conditions, regulations, laws, and the exact buying process – first-class experts who enjoy our full confidence.

Once your dream home has been found, we will recommend one of the banks we trust when it comes to financing foreign real estate.

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